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Dear Friends and Visitors,

Greetings and welcome to my website. I would like to share my story with you of how and why I came to be a Holistic Health Practitioner.  

For many years, I paid little attention to my own health, lifestyle, and nutrition.  As a result, I had constant weight gain, bronchitis at least 3 times per year, and a poor immune system which attracted most of the flu and colds circulating in my world. 

One day, almost 20 years ago, I read a book about  "super foods" and the amazing effects they can have on the body. It literally opened my eyes to how I created my own health issues.  I really wanted to be healthy and learn more!  I love to take "hobby" classes, so I enrolled with a Natural Health College for just "a class or 2".  I soon realized this was the most inspirational event of my life. I increased my course work and in 2010 earned a Bachelors degree in Holistic Nutrition and Certification as a Family Herbalist.  I shared my newfound knowledge with co-workers, friends, family and virtually anyone who would listen!  They began to see results, too.  Later, I looked outside my inner circle. I couldn't believe the increasing rate of illnesses such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer, and heart disease  directly related to nutrition and lifestyle habits.  I knew then I had a mission! 

My simple approach encompasses a down to earth realistic health plan created especially for you.  What I offer is a way to help you to help yourself  experience a healthier lifestyle and to support you along the way.


Let's speak soon. Many thanks for visiting.   



AADP  Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner 

        Lemon Trivia 

Lemons are liver cleansing, support weight loss, aid digestion, promote hydration, help prevent kidney stones and are loaded in Vitamin C for help in building a strong immune system. 

Wash, slice, & add to your water!

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Thanks to the Down2Earth4U personalized coaching plan, I've reduced my A1C from 9.2 to 7.1. I rarely need insulin now and I lost weight and gained muscle.  I am so grateful to be in a better state of health.  D.A.L.

Full Disclaimer:

This information is not intended to be used for diagnosing, treating, prescribing, or curing a health problem or disease. Nor should it replace the advice of a physician. No cures are guaranteed. This program is intended solely to educate, coach, and empower in order to create a healthier environment to live by.

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