What is

The Plan?

The Down2Earth4U program features online, phone or live consults, education, ongoing coaching, and motivating ideas to promote a healthy, productive and happy life. All personally designed to help you kick start your life, prevent disease and get hold of your health, starting today!

Original Plan.  OP


The Down2Earth4U  Origina Plan starts with a confidential questionnaire either  online, in person, or by phone.  Next, I review the answers. Last, we work together to create a realistic plan that works for you based on your comfort level and goals. $95


The Original Plan Extended.   OPX

The Down2Earth4U  Original Plan PLUS Extended support includes continuing education, motivating emails and scheduled progress calls for up to 3 months to help you stay on track and become empowered to meet your goals.  


* NOTE: Live consultations are available depending on location.  Please request by phone or email if you are interested. Additional fee for in person consult of $25. See Additional Services tab in Booking Online page. 

Stones of Meaning


       Your good health and well being is my top priority.  

I encourage you to reap the benefits on this journey with me. 

Full Disclaimer:

This information is not intended to be used for diagnosing, treating, prescribing, or curing a health problem or disease. Nor should it replace the advice of a physician. No cures are guaranteed. This program is intended solely to educate, coach, and empower in order to help you create a healthier environment to live by.